Homemade Soda

Get Perfect Homemade Soda With Our CO2 Products
Our CO2 Cartridges Have No After Taste
Healthy Alternative To Store Bought Sodas

If you're craving a delicious carbonated beverage, we've got a unique product selection for you. We offer a great CO2 soda siphon selection and a variety of 8g CO2 cartridges. Make a tasty drink in seconds using our 8 gram CO2 cartridges and soda syphons. Some types of airguns use the 8 gram CO2 cartridges as well. 8g CO2 cartridges are also used to propel the Kleer Drain used for plumbing applications.

CO2 cartridges are used in various consumer products and applications, such as carbonated beverages, CO2 powered guns, fire extinguishers, life jackets, and tire inflators. Nitrous Oxide (N2O) chargers are used to make fresh whipped cream and sauces, using pressurized nitrous oxide. Helium is a favorite substance to activate balloons or use as a coolant in the electronics industry.

Gas-Depot.com provides the means for consumers to utilize these popular applications, 8g CO2 cartridges, 12g non-threaded CO2 cartridges, 12g threaded CO2 cartridges, 16g CO2 cartridges, N2O chargers, and helium, for the best prices in the industry. Whether you are looking for CO2 cartridges to power your paint gun, inflate your bike tires or carbonate soda, N2O chargers to make fresh whipped cream, or helium to inflate balloons or cool electronics, then you've come to the right place.